New Project

We are looking for a sync application To do the following

We have a fixed WIFI enabled PC that connects to a moving AP device ( the AP comes in and out of Range at various times - Random

We want to be able to Sync data (64kb of data) prefer “to move files” from a “shared folder” that is on a device connected to that AP. When our PC can has wirelessly connected to it - This connecting to device works successfully, but reconnecting to share is random.

As soon as the AP is in range the wireless pc connects automatically We need to be able to have a way to move the files from this folder while it is connected.

How can we setup to then transfer date from the shared folder whist it is in range 64kb of data

Any help would be greatly appreciated

What have you tried? Syncthing should work fine for this from the description you provided. Is the moving AP device not connected to the network long enough for the client to connect?

Feels like you need a custom application for this, given you need things to happen on a certain event. Syncthings reconnect loop/discovery shenanigans might mean the connection takes minutes.

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