New package for Synology NAS


Thanks! It worked perfectly to update the existing installed package from Synology.


I’ve added the package source on our DS212 and, just for good measure, restarted the diskstation.

But for some reason I’m not seeing any packages listed when I click on “Community” as shown in the documentation. Is there something I missed or haven’t done?



Type ‘Syncthing’ in the search box?

Regarding the visible platforms is only a similar listed

6281 MARVELL_88F6281 linux-2.6.32 Marvell 88F6281

But not yours. The platform of DS212 is

DS212 Marvell Kirkwood 88F6282 Single Core 88f628x DDR3 256 MB

It means the platform is 88F6282 and the Package Arch is 88f628x, so could be work with the script entrance of Syncthing 88F6281. But it seems it doesnt work.

Maybe try the source of SynoCommunity

I´m not good friend of the philosophie there, but it works usually good.

On my Synology’s I am back to version 1.10.0 because there were errors that I could not fix.

With v1.11.1 all peers were green, but some of the devices were at 99% and got stuck. The affected peers or directories were okay with regard to rights, etc.

After I had reinstalled the v1.10.0, everything was fine again after cleaning up various conflict files and restartings. The peers are all green and so are all devices and all seems okay now.

After using the binary of v1.12.0-rc2, now it runs well and smoothly on all servers. The v1.11.x seems to cause problems, why is not clear to me.

Finally the same effect with v1.12.0-rc.2, I´m back on v1.10.0 without problems.

So, should i install version, 1.12 on my synology?

This could work in a less large environment with a few peers. Basically, I would wait for v1.12.1 and install v1.10.0 by then, with which I have had very good experiences.

I wonder if there is any workaround possible please ?

I think it’s a shame that the in-house package for Synology is no longer being continued and supported for Synology DSM 6. There will not even be a package for DSM 7. A “New package for Synology NAS” becomes an “Archived package for Synology NAS” in just 2 years.

If you are looking for the latest DSM 6-versions, you will find them

On the contrary, I think everyone should be allowed to try something, create something, run with it for a while, and then put it to rest when there’s no longer any gain or joy in it and no-one else is assisting with it.


I’ve already thought about something like this, but I just don’t have a background as a programmer.

There’s always the package at SynoCommunity, where several people have found together to share the maintenance work. I’m also still active on that front, currently waiting for two new features to get released.


I have installed both packages on every Synology. With correct parameters, very advantageously local synchronizations can be setted without any problems.

In Synology DSM 7, I have installed the combination Syncthing of SynoCommunity and Syncthing in Docker. This also works very well, but Syncthing Docker’s performance is not so good.

From my perspective, I’m very grateful for the SynoCommunity package - it does everything I would want from it, and I never felt the need to divert to the official package (no disrespect intended!).


Same for me, also the package of SynoCommunity is great. But as already mentioned, I use multiple instances, so having to use Docker as a replacement is a disadvantage.

It is not so tragic since I can also make the Kastelo package internally updatable by swapping the binary. So I could use the last SPK for a new installation and keep it up to date internally. However, this only works as long as the structure of the installation always remains the same.

Maybe you should reconsider your use-case if what you’re after is syncing between two local folders on the NAS. It’s pure luck on your side that two co-installable SPK packages did emerge at some time, and they can be beaten into doing that. I personally would not consider it a “solution”, although it may fulfill your requirements. Definitely not a motivation for me to consider maintaining two separate packages :wink:

I’d say that Synology’s CPU performance is questionable for running Docker in a meaningful way.

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It’s all right in that way. I think as long as I use DSM 6, I can went in this solution, especially since it works flawlessly. As of DSM 7, however, this will be different.

To set up local syncs, the way using scripts and their integration is simply cumbersome. It is also an advantage to keep track of that things. I have both with the second instance.

You are right, lucky for me. But it was also a way of not having to work with Resilio, since there I can set up local synchronizations with a folder and with an instance. Doing something like that with Syncthing is not yet possible.