New Folder-Type: Send only new

Hi, I would like to ask for new Folder-Type as feature , which I would Call “Send only new”, that shall send files that are newly created.

That would automatically allow not the transmit changes and deleting files, which could be very usefull on smaller devices, where freeing space could be very important.

Hope you like that Idea, have a nice weekend.

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I am surprised that this is not implemented, as it’s a perfectly reasonable use-case. I’d like my mobile phone’s Camera folder to be configured like this: “Synchronize all new files, but don’t synchronize changes/deletions” so I am free to delete stuff from my phone to free up space and not worry about losing anything.

It’s called ignore deletes, and it’s in the documentation.

Well, I used it, but it’s hard do find. But it’s not quite the same. Because when, deletes are ignored. The receiving folder would not sync normaly with devices, that would not set their settings to “send only new”.

Should this feature suggestion be considered resolved by the Newest First option in the file pull order setting?

Please don’t resurrect 4 year old threads. If you have a question and believe the old one is relevant to it, you can always link to it and/or quote the relevant pieces.