New client generates a "Request for files" how can I stop this?


I have a Macbook Air, desktop Mac & Synology NAS all happily sync’ing between each other with Syncthing.

Today I added a second desktop Mac in, as far as I know, the same way as I’ve always done and shared the appropriate folders from Syncthing on the NAS to the new desktop machine.

But I’ve encountered something new. The NAS periodically displays orange text in its Syncthing web interface which are “Requests for files” from the new client machine, along with an “OK” button. Has this always happened and I’ve not noticed?

Interestingly I have three folders sync’d with the new client machine. One small folder works perfectly across all machines, but the two others which are responsible for a large number of files and GB of data are the ones which are generating these “Requests”. Also, neither of them is sync’ing successfully yet on paper they’re doing the same job with the same sync’d clients as the smaller folder (which works fine).

I don’t recall this happening on the previous clients I’ve added into my setup so am a bit stuck about how to resolve it this time around.

Does anyone have any ideas?



Looks like requests for a paused or non-shared folder which shouldn’t really happen. What version of everything?

Thanks for the reply @calmh

  • The new desktop client I added today is Mac v1.70 64bit. This is the one apparently “Requesting” files at sync
  • The Synology NAS is v1.7.1, Linux (ARM)
  • The Macbook is Mac v1.70 64bit
  • The existing desktop client is Mac 1.71 64bit

Not sure how I managed to download myself 1.70 for the client added today yet I have 1.71 on an existing machine! Happy to supply logs if you can point me at them.

The video below shows the new client on the left and the NAS that it’s attempting to sync with on the right. Notice the “small” Desktop folder shows in green as Up To Date and works fine, but beneath it the two larger folders which appear to be generating these “Requests”.



Is the folder actually shared on both sides?

It looks like it was shared, sent indexes of what it has and then unshared…

I recreated one of the problem shares and things started working. Curiously I didn’t recreate the second problem share and that started working too! During this period a machine restart took place so whether that was in the mix somewhere I’m not sure.

Result: Many GB of data all sync’d up happily via Syncthing as usual!

Thanks both,


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