New and improved run conditions for syncthing-android

Hi together,

I’ve made a PR to improve syncthing-android’s run conditions according to the long outstanding and often recurring user feedback. It’s on github ( ).

Screenshots of the new options:


The main change is, that in existing versions of the app one had to say which condition should =ONLY= be met to start syncing and make the UI available. With the PR, the user is able to combine more options in a logical way. There are less options that act like “if my condition is met, syncthing is generally disabled regardless of the other options” than before.

For those wanting to try the new conditions, a debug build apk is available at: (Please backup any important data first before testing it. Just to be careful, I don’t expect damage.)

Discuss. I really appreciate your feedback on this.

Kind regards, Catfriend1


New debug build is up, reordering the check box options and fixing the crash when exiting the app. ( )

New debug build for those who like to test and give feedback:

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