nested folder - will this work

Hello. I read in the FAQ that nested folders can be accomplished. Here is my scenario. We’ll assume I have devices A, B, and C.

I’ve got a folder that is 3 TB in total size. Devices A and B are currently sharing these. Device C is currently not in the folder at all. Inside of this folder, I’ve got a folder which is only 500 GB. I’d like to share this between devices A and C, but not B. Will this pose any problems? Device C does not have enough storage to handle all of this, but the main bulk of what I’d like to access is in this 500 GB folder and I don’t really want to use an extra 500 gb of storage on device A.

I hope I made sense! Any help is appreciated.

PS: I came off of Resilio sync. It seems that sharing of device IDs has undergone some changes since I last tried this years earlier - huge improvement. Really enjoying the thriving community, constant updates, and openness. Will be using this for years to come so huge thank you to the developers and people who have made this a reality and continue to work on the project.

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Sharing a subdir a second time is totally fine. There’s no optimisation for it, i.e. when you change a file in that subdir, both Syncthing folder (when I say “folder”, I generally mean what you share in Syncthing) will hash and enter it into the db (under their own folder prefix of course, no worries about collisions). However you could avoid this by simply sharing the same folder you already share between A and B with C as well, while ignoring everything except that subdir on C (Ignoring Files — Syncthing v1 documentation).

Ah and by the way: Welcome to the light side of p2p file sharing :smiley:

Hello. Thanks a lot for the quick reply. The linked page looks mighty confusing - but I’ll definitely give the first option a try and perhaps play with the second if I am able to figure it out. Machine B doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things as its upload speed isn’t the greatest and it wouldn’t contribute nearly as much as machine A as far as bandwidth.

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