Need some Help in setup

I want to sync my android phone’s camera folder and 2 other folders to my laptop. I already have them syncing to my laptop… I currently need help in making it something like this…

  1. I want that whatever changes I do to the syncing folder on laptop to not reflect on my phone and,
  2. Whatever changes I do to my phone should reflect on my laptop if possible do tell what settings to tinker around if possible to make this happen…

Set the folder on your laptop to “receive only” type, or on the phone to “send only”. Or both if you wish. As long as only those two devices are involved, it makes little difference which variant you choose.

Note that you will get big red buttons in the GUI to override changes and bring them back in sync. Do NOT push them unless you know exactly what you intend to do with the files, as it may lead to data loss. And you will need to accept that one side at least will show the other as “out of sync”. Since Syncthing is for synchronization and what you’re trying to achieve is actually NOT synchronizing the folders.

This is actually what I have configured I thought this might be the wrong way to do it so I asked it here… Still is there any way to suppress those out of sync notifications.

That’s impossible (as the two devices are in fact out of sync). What you could do is to keep the laptop pictures in a subfolder, and then add the folder to the ignore patterns on the phone. This would effectively make Syncthing sync only the root of the main folder with the phone. Or, if you don’t want to do two-way synchronisation anyway, you could simply split the two into completely separate folders and add and sync both of them to Syncthing on their own (if needed). This is the safest approach.

that’s super clever, I’ll do that thankyou very very much

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