Need Help whith Syncthing on Docker

I am trying to deploy Syncthing in docker and realise that the configurations files and sync files will stored in separate places.

How ca i realise that? may be some one has the example of docker command or docker-compose file?

For example: The configuration files will be stored under /srv/AppData/Syncthing An the Sync Data in folder /srv/Transfer/Syncthing

I hope that anybody will have some advices.

This is intended to answer your question:

Use the /var/syncthing volume to have the synchronized files available on the host. You can add more folders and map them as you prefer.

Thanks, but how can i bind or mange more folders? Over GUI?

And where will be the configuration stored?

You can’t, you need to bind mount the folders at the point you start the container, or do something crazy and i secure like -v /:/mnt mounting the root of the host filesystem.

Configuration has a separate mount you should provide if you don’t want to lose it. The docker file is pretty self explanatory.

Thanks it works.

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