Need help! I can't rename folder, because syncthing is recreating a new folder with the same name that i just renamed!

Question1: can’t change name of exsisting folders

I have got android hp sync to linux desktop for quite sometime. Today, I wanted to change my folder name to lowercase letters in my linux desktop , but once i renamed it, syncthing created another copy of the same folder with original name (uppercase letters). Why ? How to solve it ?

Question2: syncthing delete both folders when i only delete 1.

As continue from above, Since i later saw it is so troublesome (due to syncthing expected behavior) to rename a existing folder, i decided to abandon the idea of renaming them (just to “undo” to original state). Because from the above unexpected behaviour of syncthing (created a duplicate copy of the same folder that i have renamed ), now i have 2 folders that contain the same files… one of the folder is the original uppercase letter name, the other is lowercase letter name. When i deleted the lowercase letter name folder, it auto deleted my uppercase letter folder as well !!! What on earth is going on with syncthing logic ?!! Why is this happening ?

Question 3: Is there way to turn on confirmation of each action syncthing gonna do so that i can decide if it is appropriate before i let it do it things ?

I am gonna faint! Either i as user has no idea the logic or working principle of syncthing or it is just damn weird.

It is the weird behaviour of syncthing that’s why i have a lot of missing files… i just found a file that i lost in .stversions folder. I dare not touch the folder now, because any action could be countered with unexpected “unequal” reaction! confusing

Please help

There’s something bad & weird with how things happen on Android when things are renamed by just changing case. There were some previous threads about it on the forum. My recommendation for the moment is to not do that. Rename the folder to something entirely different. Let it sync.

Oh my God! bug…

why did it delete a folder when i deleted another folder of the same name but with different case letter ? Also bug ?

Android does not differentiate between names with different case only. Syncthing tries to. Something is not working on Android.

I see. So it was all android syncthing issue. 1. Is there way to make syncthing to prompt for each thing that it is about to do ? so that i can monitor and confirm before let it proceed ? 2. Where can if see the action log of syncthing ? so that i know what has it done to my files (so that i can recover if i see it deleted my folder or something).

Just to make sure, are you using the newest versions of Syncthing on both devices? Is there any older version involved by any chance?

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