Need add the setting to ignore empty files

Setting ignoreEmptyFiles need to interact with the setting ignoreDelete

I don’t think this makes much sense. First, what do you classify as empty? Only files with a size of 0 bytes? What about files that only contain a newline character? Are they empty, too?

Your “ignore certain file extensions and file deletions” won’t protect you if a process keeps the filename and replaces its content with encrypted or garbage data.

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Works if increase the Rescan Interval (s)

If the synchronization time to time to file rename will appear a lot of unnecessary empty files:

Text Document.txt         0 KB
Text Document (1).txt     0 KB
Text Document (2).txt     0 KB
Text Document (3).txt     0 KB

I don’t understand why empty files are an issue, but if they are, why don’t you just remove them (manually or using a script)?

At some point, it would probably be useful to support ignore rules based on the file size, though. I consider a feature like this more likely than a flag for a special use case.

I still don’t understand what your problem is.

Are you saying that you create a file called “Text Document.txt”, and Syncthing will create a bunch of files called “Text Document (1).txt”, “Text Document (2).txt”, etc?

If so, I find that very hard to believe.

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