n00b question, server not globally discovered, logs not available

I’ve recently been trying out syncthing and have it installed on a couple of devices. Remote sync with my home server has never worked so I’ve been looking into it a bit today, and discovered the rest api. I have seen with get requests that my mobile has been seen by the discovery service but my home server has not. So I guess it’s not succeeded in posting it’s existence to the service.

It’s running in a linux host with systemd on a per user basis. I can use the web gui and restart it but I haven’t found any logs anywhere from it. I’m not sure how to configure logging in this systemd setup, it seems to ignore the config file in /etc/conf.d/syncthing

I noticed the log rest api but not sure how to authenticate for that.

I’ve also found that the device that is found on discovery-v4-1.syncthing.net is not found on announce.syncthing.net/v2/

and vice versa

/etc/conf.d/syncthing is nothing to do with either Syncthing or systemd.

You view logs with Systemd using journalctl: journalctl [-r|-f] -u syncthing@username or so.

It sounds like your devices may be running different versions of Syncthing? 0.12 and 0.13 are not compatible.

Thanks for the help! I discovered the config files in the user directory ~/.config/syncthing

I’ve also discovered that syncthing is not appearing in any upnp tables on my router. I restarted it and deleted all the upnp entries and only skype entries are recreated.

I may possibly have buggy upnp support on my router, dd-wrt on a Dlink DIR 868L

Start Syncthing with the env var STTRACE=upnp set, and see what Syncthing’s log output says for itself.

Thanks @canton7 the version hint is what I was missing. I built from source and they have discovered each other.

upnp output shows they are making the entries and my router is ignoring them, most of the time ;/

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