My thoughts for a GUI 1.0 | looking for a frontend developer :)

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Looks nice, to me, defintely better than the current.

Maybe reusing the node specific icons from the current ui in the “Share with” column and device box would be better.

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thanks! I know from work that recognising thinks works much better with colors than with “forms”. By using colors we could color the corner of the navbar as the devices color is chosen. Honestly I dont like the color-boxes in the “shared with” column too. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

A few more cents :wink:

  • Rename the column “local/global” to “State” and use the small font with the existing local/global logos on two lines. Also do this for “Size” to have local & global info here too.
  • “Foldername” is not such a nice column name.
  • What is the meaning of the red pause button? If red means the folder is paused maybe it should display a play sign instead of pause.
  • Last, the memory gauge might be better off with actual value rather than percentage.
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Just to make sure that previous work isn’t overlooked:

cross post from /custom-gui-mockups-and-programming/

Is there anybody who would develop this GUI (with me)? I could do any needed graphical-work - but developing :unamused: not.

the red pause button has two features:

  • it indicates the process of syncing (red 0-33%, orange 34-66%, green 67-99,99%)
  • it’s the button to pause and resume syncing so this one button shows the sync-process (running and paused) and allows you to pause and to resume :relaxed:

Personally I would find such dual-meaning confusing :smile:

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already changed it :slight_smile:

Are you working and updating this design: out of this issue?

nope… it could be a alternative UI or in the end some idea. I think the mockups of Brennan are really nice but imho too flat or plain. (dont know the right words)

and there are some points I would not do like in these mockups - important features are missing.

I would be interested to develop this. Just figured out how to edit the GUI.

My goal is to use this at work where we do projects in teams. Lots of folders/devices. The plan is to first hide useless information and make better use of screen estate. Expect something more like BTS2.

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what is/are the useless information for you?

Let me tell you what I think is useful:

  • folder
    • size + itemcount + peers for synced folders
    • progress for syncing folders
    • error/status for other
  • device
    • ip (+ maybe last statechange) for connected devices
    • last seen for disconnected devices
    • error/status for other
  • appearance:
    • mostly the basic options
    • option to disable help text
  • settings
  • advanced

Moved some code around to get a more “firefox/chrome settings”-like screen

[quote=“thgh, post:18, topic:3002”]foldersize[/quote] watch the mockups

[quote=“thgh, post:18, topic:3002”]itemcount[/quote] watch the mockups

[quote=“thgh, post:18, topic:3002”]peers for synced folders[/quote] watch the mockups

[quote=“thgh, post:18, topic:3002”]ip (+ maybe last statechange) for connected deviceslast seen for disconnected deviceserror/status for other[/quote] ok

[quote=“thgh, post:18, topic:3002”]last seen for disconnected devices[/quote] ok

[quote=“thgh, post:18, topic:3002”]error/status for other[/quote] whats other in this context?

[quote=“thgh, post:18, topic:3002”]mostly the basic options[/quote] ok - not yet layouted

[quote=“thgh, post:18, topic:3002”]option to disable help text[/quote] which help text? you mean the description text below the option-fields riight?

I personally would like to be able to group the devices and folders. I’m starting to get a lot of both and it would be nice if I could organize them.

difficult with this layout :confused: But I’ll keep it in mind :blush:

@Updated 21.06.2015 (watch above)

  • whitelist ip’s (future feature?)
  • blocklist ip’s (future feature?)

In my mind, this

is rather more cluttered than the current

with perhaps too many different colors and bars and too small text. The previous suggestion

is also colorful but doesn’t attempt to cram as much information into a single screen (something the current UI also suffers from btw).

As an aside, I would suggest not including too many elements for features that don’t exist - if someone actually tries to implement this UI, that will need to be removed or wait for the features in question to exist… :wink:


you’re right - its not yet flat at all :slight_smile:

but within the previous suggestion some imho important things were not layouted or are missing:

  • folder >< device connection (which folder is shared to which device)
  • which device up- or downloads from which device (current sync)
  • button usage isn’t consistently (one button on top - one button below/ once there is a edit-button once not)
  • progress on syncing (if using a responsive design, there can’t be a “hover” blob)
  • global/local (same as above)
  • progress overall/total (missing)
  • filesync-details (missing)

once all these infos will be layouted, it will not be as clear as it is now I guess…

but these “missing links” were the reason to layout another gui. honestly I need to get it flat - but first of all, I always worry about the features and then about the final layout.

maybe “truth lies in the middle” as usual :smile: and it’s probably not the final version :wink:

I’ll make it flat in the next versions :sunglasses: