my discoserver doesnt work

I have deployed discoserver on cloud server,and my pc can contect to discoserver, but ,it doesnt work ,why?

What exactly doesn’t work?

Could you provide more details as to what you’ve done so far, screenshots, etc?

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okay, I download discosrv from Releases · syncthing/discosrv · GitHub to my cloud server,

  1. and unzip it, and run it like pic1,

  2. update client settings like pic2,

  3. and client GUI show that it has contected to stdiscosrv(on cloud server) successfully like pic3 4.but the result is like pic4

  4. and and if I set Global Discovery Servers as default in pic2, it works,so, why?

It looks to me like discovery is working but it can’t connect to the device, maybe due to a firewall or similar.

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u mean firewall on my cloudserver?, I have stopped firewall on Cloud Server.

sorry, Is there anything else I can do :slightly_smiling_face:

No, not the firewall on the machine running the discovery server, because it seems to work.

What does NOT seem to work is connection to the device in “pic 4”. Maybe that device has a blocking firewall?

You can’t run discovery server in a lan, it will observe and report lan addresses that are not connectable to from the internet. Discovery server needs to run “on the internet”, so that the device addresses it observes are never local.

Maybe,but when I set Global Discovery Servers as defaul, two device can contect to each other. so I think its not device’s problem. There is something wrong with my discovery server(which is on cloud server),probably.

thank you, I’ll check it and have a try.

I find another possible reason,when usign my own discovery server, address list in pic4 are only ipv4, but when I set discovery server as “default”,address list in pic4 shows both ipv4 and ipv6 like pic5 (and it works eventually)

That shouldn’t matter, not all networks support ipv6.

If the machines are only connectable by ipv6, then a v4 Discovery server may not work? That would fit the details of it working eventually.

V6 is globally routable, so problems with nats don’t exist, but v6 connectivity is still sparse.

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