Multiple OSes, 1 computer

Hi, I have several OSes on USBflash drives. (Mostly linux)

I use ST to great effect to sync my personal files between them. (Love it!)

After installing ST on another OS (ubuntustudio, on the HD of the computer), AFTER having installed it on a USBflashdrive (centos 8)… The syncthing seems to have removed itself from the 2nd install from the same computer (Ub.Studio).

Is this a feature to prevent some kind of dual-identity M.I.M. attack? Just looking for clarity, if it is, my crazy system of many USBs may just be inherently suspect (I totally understand if my implementation is just my own problem. ).

Just wondering if syncthing may have noticed my 2 different installations with the same machine IDs and preemptively sorted it out.

Syncthing doesn’t have any magic like that, no.

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