Multiple Nodes (exclude files)

(DocMAX) #1

I have a “central” server (node A) with a folder. The folder is shared between node A, B, C.

Now i want to exclude 1 file on node A from syncing. So when node B changes file “myfile” i want it to be synced to node C, NOT A!

On node A i added the ignore pattern !myfile, but what doesn’t work. The file is simply not synced anywhere.

Maybe i have to work with “introducers”? I set node A as introducer, but doesn’t work either.

Thanks, DocMAX

(Audrius Butkevicius) #2

Are all folders send receive?

(Simon) #3

The ! prefix is there to not ignore, i.e. include paths. So if you don’t want to sync myfile on A, add myfile to the .stignore file on A.

(DocMAX) #4

All folders send and receive… i mean ignore pattern is myfile on node A (not !), sorry. But i guess i have to install all devices on all nodes, so that they “see” each other (using introducer node A).

(Simon) #5

Those two statements contradict each other: First one says you are syncing between all devices, include B and C, the second one says you don’t. If B and C don’t know each other, they don’t sync to each other - regardless of ignore patterns.