Multiple Nodes (exclude files)

I have a “central” server (node A) with a folder. The folder is shared between node A, B, C.

Now i want to exclude 1 file on node A from syncing. So when node B changes file “myfile” i want it to be synced to node C, NOT A!

On node A i added the ignore pattern !myfile, but what doesn’t work. The file is simply not synced anywhere.

Maybe i have to work with “introducers”? I set node A as introducer, but doesn’t work either.

Thanks, DocMAX

Are all folders send receive?

The ! prefix is there to not ignore, i.e. include paths. So if you don’t want to sync myfile on A, add myfile to the .stignore file on A.

All folders send and receive… i mean ignore pattern is myfile on node A (not !), sorry. But i guess i have to install all devices on all nodes, so that they “see” each other (using introducer node A).

Those two statements contradict each other: First one says you are syncing between all devices, include B and C, the second one says you don’t. If B and C don’t know each other, they don’t sync to each other - regardless of ignore patterns.

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