Multiple devices and no access to a router, or only mobile internet

I have multiple devices in different locations. These are laptops and mobile phones. Syncthing works via UPnP on a router, correct? Where I connect to Wifi, I never have physical access to routes, no access to setup UPnP on them or whatever is required to setup syncthing.

And I often use Wifi in different places. Sometimes I only have mobile internet.

Can I still use Syncthing?

Yes, worst case you will connect via relays. If there is just one device that can get a port, connections to that will work (e.g. if you have one device at home/own workplace). I have no clue how mobile internet works with regards to routing.

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But also at least any 2 of my devices will have to have to always be online to make all sync system work?

Yes, there is no central place where tye data is stored, the data is exchanged between online devices.

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In that case, should I use a VPS?

I don’t know, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do. We just provide software.

Syncthing has docs on relaying and UPnP.

In my experience it works really well. I’m often on mobile Internet and have no problems connecting via relay to those devices that require it, and directly where I’m able to.

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