Multi user setup in Windows

If I want to set up syncthing for multiple users on the same machine to sync them to another PC, should I use the same UDP discovery port on all instances? I understand if the UDP ports are different between these instance and the other PC, then they will not find each other. But if they are the same, I am getting this error below from syncthing.

IPv4 local: listen udp4 :18453: bind: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted.

IPv4 local discovery won’t work with more than one instance on the same computer, for the reason you discovered. IPv6 local discovery should work.

Hmm, but everything is still working. I guess syncthing is using some cached information about the peer. Is there a way to configure it to not use any discovery and directly connect to the peer?

You can enter the ip of the remote device directly in the address field, e.g. dynamic, tcp:// I’m not sure if the port is necessary, if it’s the default.


Thank you.

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