Much better performance after clean install of OS

Dear all,

I just want to share my experience with a new install. For years on my desktop machine I used Syncthing on Ubuntu, which was installed years ago but continously updated to the newest version. All the years after login Syncthing wildly scanned the disks for several minutes so that I could not use the computer. I had to wait, making coffee or something like this, until it finished the startup scan. Afterwards everything was ok.

Last week I purged Ubuntu, formatted all disks, and installed Debian. Now the annoying startup scan has gone. I can barely recognize it after login.

I used some kind of disk encryption on the old Ubuntu installation. Now the disks on the desktop are not encrypted, because encryption made some hassles during install, and I skipped it for now.

I wonder if anyone ever encountered something like this.

On much smaller computers (notebooks with debian and mac os x and a raspberry pi) I never encountered this startup problem. Only the desktop machine showed this behaviour. I always thought that it was due to the huge shares on the desktop. The desktop shares folder with the notebooks and the raspberrypi. But now I think that either disk encryption or Ubuntu caused this behaviour.

Anyway, now it’s gone and I am more happy than every with Syncthing. Thanks to all developers.


If your processor doesn’t support AES-NI or another kind of hardware-support for encryption, not using disc encryption may have that effect. But depending on the file system it could also have had to do with defragmentation before the clean install. Or you used syncthing without inotify support before and installed syncthing and syncthing-inotify after reinstalling.