MS Office 365 - Personal.xlsb

I’m an Apple user that uses MS Office 365 for Mac. I would like to sync a file that is used to store Excel and Word macros.
The file name is PERSONAL.XLSB and is located in:

/Users/myusername/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/User Content/Startup

The folder exists on multiple Apple computers.

I have tried many times to set up SyncThing to sync this file but without any success.

Help greatly appreciated.


You are trying to sync its parent folder I presume? What happens? Permissions error? Syncthing doesn’t care about which folder you are wanting to share as long as it can has read and write access to the folder.

Accessing files under ~/Library will require extra permissions, you can add full disk access or something for Syncthing in the Settings app, Privacy section.

Trying to sync the last folder in the provided directory “Startup”. I don’t receive any errors.

My user id has “Read & Write” access on all computers that I would like the “Startup” folder to sync.

Could you describe what you mean by “extra permissions”?

I am the user logged on to both computers and I have “Read & Write” access to the folder mentioned on both computers.

I think what was meant with ‘Extra permissions’ is that MacOS restricts software from accessing parts of the filesystem per default, to reduce unforeseen access to parts where specific software may not have any business to do (and ~/Library is one of those places, afaik) - this is regardless of set folder permissions.

To allow software to reach these parts of the system, you can explicitly whitelist executables/programs. This is done in System Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Full Disk Access.

I have allowed Synching “Full Disk Access” on both Apple computers.

When I add the folder to Synching a second folder is created with the same name.

It appears that the parent folder of the folder that I am trying to sync has the value “.localized” to the end of its name.

Not sure what is going on and how to get Synching to sync the folder(s) that I specify in my Library.

Appreciate all comments / advice thus far.


In that case, are you sure that the supplied path is correct? If a folder doesn’t exist, Syncthing indeed does create one. Otherwise it simply places .stfolder in the folder you’re trying to sync (ofc more happens, but that’s most noticeable).

Here, it would end up being

/Users/ericp/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/User Content.localized/Startup.localized

…I think (if I dig in my terminal, this seems to be the right place for me at least).

Yeah that’s another mac feature… Those directories are called something on disk, but can show up as something else (localised) in the Finder. You need to give Syncthing the actual path on disk.

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