Moving to syncthing-gtk from raw synthing question

Hi all,

I have been running syncthing for a couple of months but rescanning takes too long so I considered moving to syncthing-gtk that seems to include inotify. My question is two-fold:

a) Does syncthing-gtk include installation as a service?. I have been looking for it but no luck. I had to move to synctrayzor in order to easily run syncthing as service. But I have just installed gtk and it does not work…

b) How does syncthing-gtl + inotify handle network outages (or software failures)?. I mean, imagine any of the components fail to detect a node change (inotiy is down for whatever reason)… and I save file changes on node A. Then inotify comes back to life… is this file change detected?, how? (some can of rescanning on startup?).

I am basically willong to move to a faster alternative as first syncthing startup and connection takes too long.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Jose

Syncthing still has to do an initial scan on start up. Moving to Syncthing-gtk will not change this.

When I notify is active the scheduled scans are postponed but not stopped entirely. So the scenario of changes you describe should be picked up eventually.

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