Moving from windows to ubuntu

Hi I am going to be moving most off my work from windows to ubuntu in the next few days but once off my very important thing is sync thing in my window install

I have syncing files all are the letter e on my windows install

I’ll be using the same PC but I have installed ubuntu to a new sad.

So is their an config file I can get from my widows install to make it so that I can keep all my shares and files in sync when in ubuntu

Thank you for your help


Many similar questions have been answered before, please search the forum, and drop a note here if you still need help.


Hi sorry for my late reply here i not been able to re look at this but i am ready to try and move to ubuntu full time but i just had an look on the forums i cant find anything that could help me do this can you point me in the right direction

If you search for:

Moving syncthing installation

The top 3 results discuss this matter.

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