Moving file OUT of sync folder (to another NON-sync folder on PC), does NOT delete that file on the other device

EDIT**** DISREGARD THIS POST… Everything worked out fine, but with a delay.

New to Syncthing!

I noticed that when I move a file OUT of sync folder to another folder on my PC (the folder which is NOT synced - and it should NOT be synced…that same file is NOT deleted from the other device’s sync folder)

Conversely, when I DELETE the file (and not move it), then such file IS correctly deleted on the other device.

Here are details:

pc1 synced folder- pc1:/admin/Desktop/file.txt pc1 NOT synced folder- pc1:/admin/Documents pc2 synced folder: pc2:/admin/Desktop/file.txt

Case(1): DELETE works as expected *** If I DELETE file.txt on pc1:/admin/Desktop/, then file.txt on pc2:/admin/Desktop/ WILL GET DELETED. This is expected!

Case(2): MOVE should DELETE the file but it doesn’t *** If I MOVE file.txt from pc1:/admin/Desktop/ to pc1:/admin/Documents

the file.txt should be technically marked as “DELETED” from pc1:/admin/Desktop/… therefore, the file.txt on pc2:/admin/Desktop/ SHOULD GET DELETED as well.

But it doesn’t! While file.txt is not visible on pc1:/admin/Desktop/ the same file still exists on pc2:/admin/Desktop

Is this expected function, or did I miss something in configuration?

Please let me know. Thanks!!!

If you click rescan on the side where the file was moved does it pick up the change and delete the file on the other side?

When you move the file out of the folder it should be deleted on all synced devices.

Rescan (done on both devices) does not delete the file on pc2…

For future reference, from Syncthing’s Understanding Synchronization page:

The watcher does not immediately schedule a scan when a change is detected. It accumulates changes for 10s (adjustable by fsWatcherDelayS) and deleted files are further delayed for 1min. Therefore it is expected that you experience a slight delay between making the change and it appearing on another device.

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