Moved folder rescan issue

Hello, i wanted to move a folder. So i unlink my folder on one of my device, moved folder, then readd sync.

Since it takes a very long time to resync, and most of files, almost all, are redownload with “copied from orginal”. Then in my folder i have two files, the orginal and a new copied named “original-sync-conflict…etc…”

I don’t understand why it can’t “see” my file as alredy existing file.

Any help could be great, as i have thousands of files !


v1.1.1, Windows (64 bit)

Please check if in the folder settings in the advanved tab whether variable block sizes is checked, on all devices. They should either be checked or unchecked on all devices. If I remember correctly the default for new folders changed to checked recently.

Hi, thank you. only one of 4 devices was checked. I’ve checked this option on all of them so, i’ll see if it’s change something.

i’m not sure what you meen, maybe this option have to be the same on all devices for one shared folder ?


Well, after changing this options, on all devices, i’ve tried to restart suncthing servers, but nothing changed, it still redownload all files with duplicate sync-conflict… files

please compare if the files are actually different

files were synchronized before moving folder, they are the same…

But Syncthing doesn’t think so.

When you removed the folder from Syncthing and added it again, you had the “Variable Size Blocks” option checked (which is the default in newer versions). Because of that, files weren’t scanned with block sizes of 128KiB, as all the other devices, but larger and fewer blocks. Because of that, they aren’t considered the same.

Checking that option now on the other devices does nothing, as all files have already been scanned.

I’m not sure if Syncthing is smart enough (yet) to see the block size difference and triggers a rescan of that file (now with Variable Size Blocks). But as you get conflicts, it doesn’t seem so.

I think there was already a bug report because it doesn’t handle this scenario. Afaik the only option right now is to recreate the folder everywhere with a new folder ID.

ok thank you I understand. In this case I prefer to wait for the resynchro, I’m too afraid that it starts all over again on all devices (I have 4). Thank you for your answers

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