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Hello all. At first, i know english bad, so i can sometimes make mistakes. The problem is: I got a PC1 where installed SyncTrayzor and two android phones where Sync installed too. I’ve moved all the photos from two phones to PC1 and the data is constantly being updated with new photos. No the space is over on PC1 and i made a PC2 with Win7 and 2Tb free space. No I want to тransfer the program to PC2 and all data (photos and videos from two phones) and have the phones synchronize with the new PC2 and delete the program and data on the old PC. Describe the procedure for doing this, please.

The safest way is to set it up as a new, blank, device and let Syncthing copy the data. Copy will be a little slower than CIFS/SMB or similar probably, but there’s quite little to go wrong.

The next best way is to set an existing device to send only (for safety), copy your data yourself however you like, set up a new Syncthing with the existing data, let it scan and then sync with the existing cluster, hitting override as needed on the source.

The most unsafe way is to copy the data and Syncthing config/data are straight over, shutting down the device you copied it from. Do this right and it’s the fastest, but make any mistake (mismatching the index and actual data) and Syncthing might eat all your data. Use the “send only” setting somewhere else to mitigate slightly.

So, if i undertand right i need to:

  1. Install SyncTrazot to PC2(2Tb free space)
  2. Sync all my data from PC1(no free space), thats shold create a folders like on PC1 on PC2 with tag “send only”
  3. Config two android phones to sync my data on phone to PC2
  4. After copy and sync data i need to change settings each folder to IGNORE DELETE
  5. Can i delete all data from PC1 (no free space)?

That seems too complicated (see below. And whatever you do: Remove the folder in Syncthing on PC1 before you delete anything there!

Just setup Syncthing on PC2. Whatever you shared between androids and PC1, also share it with PC2. Wait for it to get in sync (will take some time). Once it is in sync, remove the Syncthing folders on PC1, then delete the data on PC1.

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