Move disk with folders to new server

I may haver asked something similar in the past. If so, I apologise.

I have a (macOS) server that I intend to replace. It has a lot of data in an external drive, divided into several syncthing folders. All are ‘send only’.

What is the best way to move the disk to a new server? I could get a new disk, set up the new server with all folders to ‘receive’, wait for all of it to sync, unplug the old server, set the folders in the new server to send-only and presto, but 1. that requires a new disk, 2. it’s time-consuming, 3. requires configuring a lot of folders. The main issue being (1). What would the alternative be?

Is this perhaps handled by a FAQ that I’ve missed?

I don’t think I understand the question. Take the disk, move it to the new server, set up Syncthing there. If you set the folders to send only here as well you’ll have to hit override once it’s finished initial scan/sync, because your files didn’t originate on the new server, but once done you should be back in business.

I suppose the question is what is the recommended way to move a disk to a new server, and then it may have the variants ‘the old server is still running, we want to stop it and move the disk’ and ‘the old server is not available, all we have is the disk’. (For the sake of simplicity let’s ignore a variant where the old server is to keep running but without those folders).

If I understand correctly, you suggest:

  • stop the old server
  • add the disk to the new server
  • add the folders as send-only
    • but add from where, one of the client nodes?
  • wait for the scan to complete
  • click override
    • what will this do exactly?

Ideally, this will only exchange mostly metadata with the clients, is that correct? I’m still not fully clear on the recommended way to add the folders and what override will do.

From all devices which you want to sync with the new server.

Any changes you might have done on other devices will be available on the new server.