Move config of an already scanned external HDD to another machine

Hello! I’ve just started using Syncthing to create a home cloud backup.

I have scanned and setup an external HDD with my PC (Windows 10). It took over 2 days for the entire scan to complete.

Now, I want to attach this HDD to my RPi 3B as an always on Syncthing device. Is there a way to move all the config from the PC to the RPi? Note that there are no other devices syncing yet, it’s a fresh new start.


You shouldn’t use NTFS on a Linux system (especially a low power one like RPi), if you want stable and performant sync. As NTFS has wonky permissions on Linux, you probably have to rescan everything again anyway; I’m not sure if ignore permissions is enough here.

I theory, you could copy the config and DB and edit the folder path inside the config.

Thank you. I wanted to confirm two things though -

  1. Config.xml from PC has its Device ID, where as RPi will have a different ID. Should I replace the device ID before I copy over config.xml from the PC?
  2. Should I remove all default index DB on RPi that are created after Syncthing is installed?

ST uses the certificates load it’s ID. If you leave the other ID it will just show up as a known device. I used to do this to prepopulate devices all the time.

I would… There is something about this that feels a little risky.

I followed the instructions. Syncthing seems to start normally, but the GUI on RPi doesn’t load for a long time as it scans the HDD - then it eventually comes up.

PC does show up as a known device. To anyone trying this - when you replace the config.xml in RPi, username/password of the PC needs to be entered for the RPi GUI at first.

It works! Thanks @wweich and @kluppy

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