Mounting an encrypted folder on a "Receive Encrypted" node


I was wondering if it was possible to mount an encrypted/untrusted folder on a “Receive Encrypted” node.

That way, I would be able to mount and edit it locally on a “Receive Encrypted” node.

Thank you so much


I don’t think there is a way to do that with Syncthing. It sounds a bit like you are trying to use it for something it’s not designed for. If you want encrypted archives, maybe Borg backup is a better fit.

I will let the author see what they think of the idea.

I think it would actually be a very cool idea.

There’s already a decrypt feature, so it would be another flavor of the decrypt feature.

I think Syncthing is already perfect as it is, just looking for ways to make it a bit more perfect.

I use Syncthing encrypted folders on a daily basis for my personal files, that feature would add a bit more convenience for certain scenarios.

Regarding other solutions, I also use rclone encrypted folders, but there is a mandatory 143 characters filename limitation.

I can still work with encrypted folders without that feature. But it would be a nice a to have to modify an encrypted folder on a Receive Only node without going through another unencrypted node synchronizing that folder.

I’m not sure what it is you’re asking for. Syncthing doesn’t “mount” things.

Of course it’s possible to do such a thing, you could e.g. implement a FUSE module to decrypt the folder contents on the fly. Just not a feature that Syncthing itself will integrate, that’s way off course for the tool itself.


Ok no worries.

@acolomb yes exactly that’s what I meant. But it would be a big undertaking, plus having it working on Windows as well…

@calmh no worries. I was thinking of a FUSE module to mount as read-write an encrypted folder locally on a receive encrypted node. But rclone already does that well enough, I’ll see to combine rclone on top of Syncthing, as Syncthing is more for syncing than mounting stuff like you said, Syncthing doesn’t mount stuff.

I think it should be fine then. Thanks for your input!