More than 2 listeners for the web ui?

Hello everyone. Unfortunately, I did not find anything in the docs about increasing the amount of listeners for the web ui … I’m pretty sure it’s documented somewhere and I just haven’t seen it.

I found which seems to have introduced this, but where can I increase the listeners on my server-instance to e.g. 3 (as I’m having three devices syncing via the server)?

(Also I wonder if my three devices should also connect to each other instead of only to the server, but that’s probably something for another question and I should research this first.)

Hi! You’ve probably misunderstood the purpose of listeners. The amount of listeners doesn’t affect how many devices you can have connected at the same time.

The amount of listeners signify how many ways Syncthing is looking for connections, e.g. if global discovery is on it will add to the listener count, as it is listening for connections from outside your local network. (I am not entirely sure my explanation is correct, however it certainly does not affect the amount of connected devices.)

So you can in other words connect as many devices as you want, irrespective of what the listener count is.

I am also pretty sure you will benefit (to some degree) when connecting several devices to each other, as those devices can balance the load of file transfers between each other. All connections will otherwise have to pass through the server first, then to the other devices. However, this probably matters for transferring larger files. I would personally connect them though, unless you only want the devices to see the server.

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The strange thing is, that accessing my server’s web ui from my three devices does not work … I can open the web ui from two devices, when I open it on the third, then the connection the the web ui on one of the two already connected devices breaks.

This weirdness has nothing todo with configuration. If you are fronting syncthing with a proxy or something like that, it could be because of that.

Otherwise I suggest you check javascript console/syncthing console for errors.

Which includes: Accessing the web UI has nothing to do with listeners.

That’s really interesting. Will report back once I have another idea why not more than two devices could access the server’s web ui at the same time.

Thank you so far.

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