Modifying file results in immediate creation of .sync-conflict-xx file

I’m running Syncthing on an Arch Linux machine and a Windows 10 laptop. Recently I discovered that there are a number of conflict files created by syncthing.

I investigated it a bit by running syncthing in verbose mode on the laptop and performed the following steps.

  1. Create a temporary file on the Linux machine. The file appears on the laptop.
  2. Modify the file on the laptop, save. Synced to the Linux machine.
  3. Modify the file again, save. The conflict file appears. And there will be one more conflict file created with every subsequent save.

The verbose mode log say something along the line that “a change is detected on the Linux machine”, so there is a need to create a conflict file. But I’ve never touched that file on the Linux machine.

How can I resolve this issue?


What filesystem are the files landing on in Linux?

Either permission discrepancy or mtime accuracy issues could cause this.

Yeah. It’s due to permission. The partition is NTFS and was mounted as root.

Now it is working as expected. Thanks.

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