Missing/Deleted Files after first sync

Hi there, am new to Syncthing & hope someone can help me as have just completed my first sync & am trying not to panic due to the large number of empty folders I now have. Many of the files which are missing are product image files but also missing are text files, pdfs etc.

My setup is running a laptop & desktop, both on Win 7 pro & the files are missing on both computers.

Any help to recover the files would be much appreciated as many of the missing files are for my business & will be very difficult if not impossible to replace - many are backed up but not necessarily all.

Many thanks

You must have done something terribly wrong for that to happen. If you don’t have versioning enabled, sadly there is no way to recover them.

Check the .stversions folder in the root of the folder being synced (on both machines) - if you had versioning enabled, your files should be in there.

Tell us more about the initial sync. Was one side empty?

Hi, thanks for the various replies…

I may have done something terribly wrong, but Im at a loss to know what as many of the folders & their files have synchronised fine & I used the same method of adding folders to the list each time .

I have done a search on the whole of my c drive, on both machines & can’t find any .stversions - no idea if I had versioning enabled, I just followed the getting started instructions & not keen on the idea of opening up the program right now.

Yes the laptop had all the original files & I set up a new, empty, folder on the desktop to receive the sync. as suggested in the getting started I set both up simultaneously, added the various folders to the list to be sync’d & reset in between.

What other details can I provide that might help?

Many thanks for the help so far

Well, there are ways to recover deleted files on ntfs-partitions. But they are more of a last resort, in case you really don’t have any backup. It’s not easily done though, the first step would be NOT to use that computer anymore for the time being.

try some recovery tools!