mismatch in case stopping sync

I have seen this a few times, but now’s a time to question it.

I’m getting errors / failures due to a mismatch in case, eg…

remote “xxx\xxx\504320\Deliverable\Dsc_0354.jpg” uses different upper or lowercase characters than local “xxx\xxx\504320\Deliverable\DSC_0354.JPG”; change the casing on either side to match the other

(xxx = edits)

As this is a Receive only side, I really don’t care if the case is wrong, it should be the same as the Sending end anyway but regardless of the caps, it should still sync as the RO should equal SO end in every respect / properties / names etc.

All windows environment, Case Sensitive FS off


Syncthing treats the two files as different if their casing doesn’t match. Yes, it does sync case changes now, but it’s still not the same as Windows treating HOME and home as two identical names.

If the case has been changed on the RO side, Syncthing will complain and you will need to intervene. There’s no way around this.

I act as an offsite backup (in conjunction to their existing onsite backup), thus the RO files here are never touched by humans. It’s St thats decided that the case has changed from when it first synced it to then resyncing it. I know at the SO end the staff would change the folder name from ‘new folder’ to something else, but the raw photos would remain unchanged.

Maybe there needs to be a ‘ignore case’ flag that can be enabled?

This error should only occur when both Dsc_0354.jpg and DSC_0354.JPG exist on the remote. If e.g. the first gets renamed to the second, Syncthing should do that rename, not complain about case conflicts. There’s nothing to configure here. If in your case only one of the two exists on the remote, and the error still shows up, please posts screenshots as a start for debugging (and eventually fixing) that.


Having read Simons reply, I looked deeper into the cause, also looking at the versioning, and it would appear that at some point the staff must have resized the pictures and somehow the caps got changed because of it.

So it’s all seemingly happy again so apologies for raising a non issue. It didn’t make any sense this morning as I had seen it in the past!!

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