Migration from Syncthing Apt to Syncthing Snap version

I am thinking about migrating to Syncthing snap version on my Ubuntu 17.10 laptop. Everything is working ok on my current apt version, the only reason for this migration is that snaps seem to be the way of installing apps on Ubuntu in the future and I like to learn new stuff.

There are few things that I’d like to know before I take this action:

  • is there any drawback from using Syncthing snap rather then apt version?
  • is the snap version working ok with Syncthing-GTK?
  • is there a way to transfer my complete apt version configuration to the new snap version?

Thanks to anyone for suggestions!

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There’s some sandboxing and stuff that may affect you depending on where your files are. I think it has access to sync stuff in your home directory. The config lives in a different place, there’s some directory structure in your home directory for snaps. You can simply transfer the files in the old config directory to the new place to retain your certificate, settings, and index. Potentially ~ in the UI (and config) will no longer refer to your home directory but some other snap-specific place, I’m not sure.

Try it out and see what happens.

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