Master mode, marking files as known?

Here is my setup for a directory:

  • Client A, master mode
  • Server B, ignores deletes

Use is simple : I put files (pictures) in the directory on A. As space runs low, I delete old ones every now and then. B retains all pictures ever put in A.

It works perfectly, but I am now in the process of re-installing A. It goes out-of-sync instantly, as B has files which it doesn’t know about.

  • My understanding of “Override changes” is that here it would delete all my pictures on the server. Not good.
  • I could get A in sync by disabling master mode. A would get in sync by downloading all pictures. However:
    1. It would take about 1 week over (200GB of data over slow WAN).
    2. Client does not have enough free space to hold all pictures.

Is there another solution I did not think of?

Pressing override changes should be enough, as it will try to delete all files on the remote end which will just ignore the deletions and B should consider A back in sync, as it has newer versions (yet B is always out of sync from As view as it does not handle the deletions).

Yet make a backup before you do that.

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I assumed it would use another mode, but yeah actually it makes sense it would just try to publish a deletion for those files.

I chattr +i all pictures before proceeding, to ensure syncthing could not delete them no matter what, and went with “override changes”.

Worked perfectly, it’s now in sync, and my pictures are still there (and for the record, syncthing on B honored the ignoredeletes and did not try to remove the files)


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