Master folder information on other devices

If you create folder 1 on device A and set it as master and then connect this folder on device B - the user on device B has no information (unless you tell him) via GUI that his changes can/will be overwritten - is this correct?

Also what happens if both users set the same folder to “master folder”?

I would like to suggest, that if a folder is marked as master, all connected devices have an informative label in the folder panel (or even folder panel header) or contradictory settings are hidden/disabled.

I don’t think changes would be overwritten? They would only not get synced back.

If both set the folder to master nothing happens, nobody syncs, all of them sit with their own content.

I don’t understand your suggestion… Are you saying other devices would know that someone has marked the folder as master? If yes, I don’t see how this adds value. If no, then I don’t understand what you are suggesting.

I understand - I think this should be prevented on device B to mark the folder as master too and causing everything to stop.

Yes, I mean that there is no visible indication to show me if a folder, that has been shared with me, is a normal sync folder (both directions) or a master folder (one direction). this would really help if you have a large number folders shared with multiple devices and lots of users

It’s your choice, nobody is stopping you from shooting yourself in the foot when you own a gun. If you have a tool, understand how it works before using it.

I don’t think nobody should prevent anyone from anything. It’s a peer to peer thing, and every peer makes its own decisions on how it wants to see the data.

It doesn’t matter how the folder was shared with you, what matters is how you share the folder with others. You have access to other devices, you can check how you’ve set them up… I don’t see a need for one client to report everybody’s different configuration. By the end of the day, if I am sharing some files with my friend, why would I ever care how he’s got it setup? There is also a privacy argument here, why should you know that I have the repo set as master? Perhaps I don’t trust you, and I don’t want you to nuke all my files?

It introduces a lot of complexity to the UI, and the only benefit I see it gives, is for the lazy not having to go around into multiple devices checking if they set it up correctly.

But lazy people who usually come up with genius ideas, hence feel free to use the cli to craft up something which gives you an overview of your cluster.