Master folder does not synchronize changes

I secure the backup data from my server to my computer at home but when I click " overwrite changes" , the message that the data is not in sync keeps coming back over and over again and always with other values ​​.

Sounds like something is being changed automatically on the other side. Check what the actual difference between the two sides is? Is the other side a FAT filesystem perhaps?

The Master is a Ubuntu server and the slave site is my Linux Mint computer at home . Only the backup folder of the server / var / lib / psa / dumps / is synchronized . I do not believe that there occur changes . The server makes the backup at night 2-3 AM. The computer at home is definitely an NTFS filesystem

Well compare the files that are out of sync, content and metadata and you’ll see that they are different.

That may be that the files are different . Therefore the Server should overwrite the files at home. That does not happen.

It would be clearer if you actually checked the files, but what appears to be happening is that they are overwritten, but then something else changes. Perhaps there is something running that automatically indexes files and modifies them in the progress (creates thumbnails, for example)?

Master does not overwrite files that others have modified by default, as explained in the docs, hence why you are seeing the button, and someone seems to modify files as they arrive on the other side.

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