Master copy (central) with mobile only uploading new files

Hey there,

I’ve just installed ST in a datacenter in Germany and on my mobile phone, uploading photo’s that I take on my mobile.

It syncs just great, but what would happen if I decide to remove all the photo’s from my mobile? Would they disappear from the central server as well?

Is there a way to have a “central” copy on the server but having the freedom to remove photo’s from my mobile (to free up space) without them disppearing from the central server?



No. But you can use versioning on the server to keep a copy of deleted files, just under the .stversions directory instead of in it’s usual place. This may or may not work for you, I guess.

Ok, thanks for the quick answer!


On the other hand I just pushed this:

You can try it out by using the build from

and enabling the ignoreDelete flag among advanced settings. We’ll see if it ends up in an actual release.

Nice @calmh, but what about file overwrite. Situation: user syncs photos from a phone, IMG0001-9999, you see at some point filenames will start again at IMG0001 and then the old ones gets overwritten. I’m not sure I’d like my old photos to get overwritten :smile: (not that I need this feature…) So yeah, ignore remote delete sounds good, but this has to be somehow taken into account.

I actually disagree, I don’t think it needs to be taken into account. We are a sync solution. Syncing overwrites is what we do. You seem to be looking for something else. :smile:

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I was referring to your statement below. I agree, this is not a syncthing purpose.

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