Managing send / receive-only sync and deletion

Hi all, I’m locally consolidating media using Syncthing:

  • ServerA: Receive-only /data/Movies
  • DesktopA: Send-only /home/user/Movies
  • DesktopB: Send-only /home/user/Movies

I’m looking to use Syncthing as a way to continuously migrate movies and other media off of desktop machines via folders, so I can automatically move them over from the send-only desktop. My intention is to then prune these send-only files from DesktopA and DesktopB, once they reside on ServerA, without causing Out of Sync issues.

I’m used to doing this sort of practice with rsync, but unsure of whether I’m doing this correctly with Syncthing.


Sorry, no. Not out of the box.

You need some script on ServerA which moves files to somewhere else.

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Thanks, so moving away from receive-only folder will not delete on the send-only synced folders.

Wait, this won’t work… cause the files will still be in send-only folders on the desktop client machines…

I don’t think Syncthing is the tool for this job.

Why not just set everything to Send & Receive, and then use a script to move the files on the server to different folders once the transfer has completed? You don’t even need to use anything advanced to check for completed files either — incomplete files are named in a fixed way (see

Also, why not just use rsync on a cron? Syncthing is bidirectional sync, what you are doing doesn’t sound like it’s that.

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