Make use of system trash when deleting files?


Maybe the idea is already there, somewhere…

If I delete files “inside” the shared folder on machine A, they’ll get deleted “inside” the shared folder on machine B. On machine A those files are moved to user’s trash.

On machine B those files get deleted meaning they won’t be moved into the user’s “trash” folder of that machine B.

That could be a kind of last-chance safety…

I think (dead) UbuntuOne Sync used to work this way.

What do you think ?

You now have trashcan versioning which does the same thing, just in a different directory, and with a cleanup frequency too.

more info at

Since every OS does store trash in a different folder it’s hard to do something like this that it works on all. You could write something like this with the external versioner for your system and share it here :wink:

(one thing that could be done on syncthings side is that deleting replacing and moving are handled differently by versioners, currently it’s all the same, but it does not look really difficult to implement since the versioner is called in 3 different places for rename, delete and replace)

Thanx for these informations ! Using syncthing-gtk I was not aware of the trash-like-versionning. I guess I can find it in the webGUI and give it a try - any risk of conflict with syncthing-gtk ?