Make sure to negotiate bep/1.0 in TLS

Possibly relevant for non-Syncthing BEP implementations.

@dapperstout @vhbit

Thanks for the heads-up. Probably shouldn’t lead to any problems on our end.

Sorry for a delay and thanks for letting know. It seems that makes me stick with OpenSSL for a while.

It actually might be a problem if you’re using native security as afaik NPN/ALPN aren’t supported in iOS 7.

Huh. Yell if this causes big problems and we can revert it. It just makes sense in the context of syncthing itself, but it’s not that important if it shoots down compatibility.

I just did an integration test with syncthing and pulse-swift, and it appears to be a breaking change.

@vhbit, You are right, we’re using the native iOS TLS implementation which doesn’t support this. @calmh, If you could revert the change that would be great, then pulse-swift remains compatible with syncthing.

Reverted. File bugs at Apple. :grin:

btw, does it fail both on iOS7 and iOS8?

I tested with iOS8 simulator.