Make parsed stignore result available via API/daemon

Hi everybody, I’m really missing an overlay icon for ignored files and folders with my GTK client. As it turns out, there seems to be no available data from syncthing about parsed .stignore results…

From an architectural perspective it doesn’t make sense to me as a developer, that extensions needs to copy and implement a functionality, that is already properly included in the core/application. Instead there should be a method/api to receive the parsed information. This will also ensure that changes to .stignore handling/syntax will be properly handled by extensions automatically. What do you think? Is it eventually already possible or in consideration?


What exactly do you want? A list of ignored files is not provided, the ignore patterns parsed from .stignore are. Or a function to query whether a path is ignored?

Yes the latter would certainly help a lot. Or/and an option to return a list of synced and ignored files and folders in a specified path.

Just to avoid that the parsing of .stignore must be done manually by other projects.

That’s exactly the thing: The two are vastly different, and parsing results are already exposed in the rest API. Exposing lists of of files has been discussed but it’s already a challenge to define what exactly should be listed. So essentially either come up with something yourself or specify the use-case and requirements for syncthing-gtk with kozeq and if it’s feasible someone might do it.

You can already check every individual file via rest api and check if its ignored or not.

Also, parsing glob patterns is not rocket science either.

As an update here: added this feature to the GTK version: