MacOS Server wont run for more than a second.

MacOS 10.12 Sierra syncthing 1.21.0-1

Trying to sync with my android, the android app seems fully functional, Desktop mac is not

Fresh install, can see the system tray, it occasionally starts the server but then stops after about a second. If i time it just right i can load the GUI webpage but it’s not able to change anything because the server is back off.

I’ll try reinstalling but would love suggestions for troubleshooting

Hello @arcomedes

Sierra is a very old version of macOS now, and it’s likely you’re going to need a much older version of Syncthing to run on it…

You’d best browse back a couple of years in Releases · syncthing/syncthing-macos · GitHub

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1.19.2 worked great, thank you!

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