macOS - launch Syncthing on user login

(Vlad) #1

As I got tired to follow the Syncthing autostart process for macOS for each family system (and recent reinstallations) as recommended at only_one_link_for_me:// . Here is a somewhat simpler to use script - posted as a gist.

I drop the Synthing in a standard location of /Applications/Syncthing on all systems, and then run the enable; start (see the gist) as each user who may need to be synced. Same way as for the existing recommended method, Syncthing will be running only while the user is logged in - but it is a simple adjustment to have it as a boot-time process.

In addition to sensible defaults, there are minimal configuration options available in the beginning of the script. Also, the system’s administrator has writeable permissions to /Applications/Syncthing folder and it’s contents, so that website-driven update mechanism works for the admin.