Mac Finder file tags not being transferred from one machine to another

I am a very recent convert to SyncThing and a very happy one as I am also a refugee of Dropbox, so glad that is out of my system.

I am currently running two Macs: a fairly recent MacBook pro running OS X Mojave and a desktop Mac Pro running OS X Sierra. The SyncThing install was from the Syncthing-1.0.0-2.dmg ( v 1.3.4 ).

I am a privacy researcher working on a book project that is kept in SyncThing on both computers, SyncThing is perfect for this application, a huge research archive and a long form written work made available wherever I am working.

I make heavy usage of the colored file tags on files and folders to indicate changing status of each, unfortunately they are not transferring to the other machine. Not to hold SyncThing up to other software but the tags are transferred via Dropbox or iCloud.

I read thru the docs and it seemed this should be supported, is there a setting or miss setting than I can use to address this issue?

Thank you.

Xattrs are not synced.

I’ll assume that means no. Xattrs stands for?

Extended attributes, which finder tags are a subset of.

Knowing is power. :slight_smile:

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