Mac doesn't push new folders to phone

I am a syncthing newbie…looks like just what I need!

I am having difficulty sending new folders to my phone though. When I create and share a folder on the phone, it shows up on the “MacBook” device, as it should…but when I create a new folder on the MacBook and share it with the “phone” device, it does not show up even after restarting both clients. I found a setting on the mac that says “auto accept” on the “phone” device listing, but I don’t see a corresponding setting when looking at the “macbook” device in the phone app.

What am I misunderstanding or doing wrong here?

OK. I opened the web gui on the phone and accepted the share…would be nice to have a notification for shares being pushed to the android app?

Also, the web version allows setting the “auto accept” flag, which seems to be missing (or well hidden) in the android app.

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