Low speed transmiss

Hi guys, I would like to say thank you for this project, but there was a strange bug, download speed, and transmission usually does not rise more than 1.2-1.8 megabits, in fact I have Internet everywhere under 100 megabits issues and for the sake of experimentation, I decided to create a torrent through Utorrent and distribute on their devices and the transmission rate was 9 -10 megabits that can advise?

Check if you are not connected via a relay.


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Thank you try today, but I use my 3 relays and relay connection is stable, the way computing power Computer literacy is a restriction may therefore speed is cut?

Maybe. Relays have overheads regardless, so if you are not connected directly, you are definately incurring a penalty.

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I decided to try today, took the static IP address from your provider created the relay and also download speeds \ transmission still does not rise above 1-2 megabits, sinned on the router but made directly without a router and still not speed up, but noticed that the CPU utilization is kept at the level of 98-100%, and wondering if the relay will be on the local network and share files within the network as yourself will lead? The strange thing that was also created by hand in Utorrent and distribute on their devices, the transmission speed of about 10-11 megabits.I have about 11 computers in the company can contribute to the project as a tester)

If the CPU usage is at 100%, you found your bottleneck.

Utorrent has literally nothing todo with this project, as we are not using bittorrent protocol, as well as utorrent does no perform encryption.

Thank you for your answers will continue to try to more powerful machines, then there’s the fact that about 180 gigabytes of files and possibly how to load from the network finishing hardware computer

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