lost all data because of wrong syncing direction

Hello, So I might actually be the dumbest person on earth. I wanted to synchronize a folder on my linux laptop with my android phone. Somehow i managed to make the synchronization go the wrong way, so the empty folder on my phone was synchronized to my laptop, deleting all my data. I did not make a backup beforehand, no versioning, no stv-files, trash is empty. Guess that’s what happens if a total noob tries to avoid data-grabbing giants. Can i somehow recover the old state of my files from syncthing? If you help me, i don’t mind considering you a god, as this data is very relevant to my business. Best Regards, Cyrill

Without a backup and without having versioning enabled, you’ll most likely be depending on file-recovery tools in the hope that those can recover anything. Afaik Syncthing can’t do much to help your situation at this stage.

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