Logic Guidance with .stignore

I have a really bad feeling that there’s a very simple solution to my .stignore issue, would be grateful for any help.

I have a large directory with many sub-directories, each having many sub-directories themselves. I only want to sync a few of these directories and its contents. Here’s an outline -

Directory A/Sub-Directory 01
Directory A/Sub-Directory 02
Directory B/Sub-Directory 01
Directory B/Sub-Directory 02
Directory C/Sub-Directory 01
Directory C/Sub-Directory 02

Let’s say I only want to sync ‘Directory A/Sub-Directory 02’ and ‘Directory C/Sub-Directory 02’, and I want them to maintain the same structure (i.e. I want to sync ‘Directory A’ and have its ‘Sub-Directory 02’ within it, and then sync 'Sub-Directory 02’s contents as well). Everything else can be ignored.

So my desired result would be that Syncthing syncs the following directories and the files they contain -

Directory A/Sub-Directory 02/
Directory C/Sub-Directory 02/

I would have thought that the following .stignore would work, but it seems to be ignoring everything.

!/Directory A/Sub-Directory 02
!/Directory C/Sub-Directory 02

Am I misunderstanding .stignore here, or trying to use it in a way it’s not meant to work? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Check the last post in the thread linked above.

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This is exactly what I needed. I didn’t realise you had to distinctly ‘un-ignore’ each directory.

My .stignore is now working as intended - thanks so much for the link.

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