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Hey Guys,

i work now a lot (really a lot) with Syncthing and i have following Problem. I have many machines exchangin Files or Sharing files with other Servers over the hole World and sometimes i see:

Oh Folder “Executables_DMG” has stopped - because it does not make Progress.

So i have to go to the machine via SSH and go to the right Docker or Jail Container - stop the Service, start it per Hand and wait and look to the Log file what Problem occured. So it would be nice to have the Log in the GUI - and or where the snyc Progress aborted and what Error happened.

I use many Operation Systems (12 Machines 5 OS) so it is also a hughe hazzle for me to write a Logger.

So i hope i don’t repost something and let’s discuss :blush:

That doesn’t look like a real error message to be honest :smiley: All the errors already pop up in the UI if I am not mistaken, until they are dismissed. Hence I am not sure what are you asking for?

I assume the message you’re referring to is one similar to the below:

Dec 08 13:02:20 ****.co.uk syncthing[13004]: [2GSRE] 2014/12/08 13:02:20.252460 puller.go:190: WARNING: Folder “default” isn’t making progress - check logs for possible root cause. Pausing puller for 1m0s.

In which case you connect to the remote machine and open the log or check the current stream for the error that appeared before this one.

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Exactly - so it would be fine, if this “Error” or Message will also Pop-Up in the GUI

It does. Although I have noticed sometimes that notices are dismissed before visiting the UI, maybe from a restart but I haven’t monitored it.

I suggest you look out to the console log, as that has all the stuff.

Regardless, warnings in the GUI are shown, subject syncthing wasn’t restarted (which makes it lose the errored state) exactly as @Rewt0r said.

In this case though we refer to the “logs” which are not in fact available in the GUI. That’s a bit of a dick move, to be honest… :wink:


Haha well yeah …

to the “logs” which are not in fact available in the GUI

so is there a chance to have this feature in future?

Becaue syncing with 10 nodes and large folders will have some unsolved "possible root cause"s - so it would be nice to see this in the GUI … If you can now clearly say this feature won’t be integreated i will start to write a wrapper with logging functionality.

(Ugly but better than the existing solution)

It already does all warning level logs in the UI. The fact it’s not visible, means we haven’t logged a proper reason.

Thing is, we don’t want to print all io failures during syncing at warning level, because many are transient and will be fine when retried… But we could perhaps keep track of the last one or two, and when we decide that enough is enough, print those at warning level when pausing the puller…

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This particular error is frustrating though, because if it works you never get an update.


Not exactly meaning to necro a thread, but if this could be implemented that would be golly gee darn swell, as I’ve been trying to deal with this exact error and find the accursed logs. There have been how many updates since the 3 months ago this was posted, if it could get put in it would make my day. And maybe a few others’ as well :smiley:

EDIT: or a scolling console at the bottom of the GUI for headless NAS versions

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