Log off issue

Hi everybody, Im just a newbie about Syncthing. I could not find an answer in the forum so…

I have a windows pc that has 2 different accounts and their remote connections. I have installed Syncthing in admin account. It starts by task manager at start up (not at login). Everything is perfect.

But when ever if I login with any user and then log out, the server - client syncthing connection brokes.

How I can solve this ? Thanks.

Could you be more specific about how you installed Syncthing and what exactly you set up as a task? Could it be that another instance or a wrapper like SyncTrayzor starts when the regular user logs in?

Thanks for your reply. Im running portable syncthing and created a shortcut in startup folder and also set a task which it runs at startup before login. Shortly applied the steps described here (Starting Syncthing Automatically — Syncthing documentation). Im not using any third party apps like trayzor, just web gui. If I log in and the log of, the connecting between client (windows 10 pro) and server (linux mint) brokes.

This sounds like you might be starting two instances, only one is actually working and that gets killed when you log out. I’d suggest running only via the task and remove the startup folder shortcut.

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