Locally changed items appearing constantly in Receive only folder

This is a screenshot of the folder on the receiving side, I’ve enabled all the logs but from a quick overview they appear to be full of private informations, there is a way to generate a log without private infos?

File names are generally needed to make sense of the problem. So, not really.

Rsync with 8M files, 6TB, and bad (extremely high latency) connections - good luck with that.

That why I’m trying this software. not so much other applications can build and replicate difference as a data content, avoiding corruption during transfer. It just awesome.

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I’m sorry if this has already been discussed - I can’t imagine it wouldn’t have been - but isn’t there a use case for having an automatic override option on a Receive-Only folder? (With appropriate warnings, etc)

I get where Audrius is coming from - but the benefits of the peer-to-peer, automagically-resuming wonders of Syncthing give it applications beyond just ‘bi-directional syncing’, where rsync wouldn’t be able to cope.

Oh it’s been discussed, to death.


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